Drop your sweat, ignite your passion, show your vitality, and interpret your wonderfulness.

Elementary School has always known the importance of sports activities. Hope that students can develop their own sports expertise through the course of multiple physical sports. Can have good and regular exercise habits. Good exercise habits are positively helpful to physical and mental health. It can also improve learning performance. We currently have athletic teams such as track and field, badminton, table tennis, basketball, and soccer. We hope to start from the lower grades, children will gradually develop good habits of sports.

Fast as Lighting - track and field team

The school’s track and field team was established to increase children’s interest in track and field, to allow children to get appropriate exercise in their spare time, and to establish a good physical foundation for various sports. The purpose is to cultivate sportsman’s spirit and learning attitude, promote physical and mental health, and improve sports skills. Over the years, under the continuous leadership of teachers 王珮如, 林榮新 and coach 董晉昇, countless outstanding track and field athletes have been trained. They often shine in various competitions and win glory for the school. Among them, 蔡鎧任even won the bronze in the high jump event in the 108 National Elementary School Track and Field Championships. He also wrote his own page in the record of the Kinmen area.

Strike with strong aura - badminton team

The school’s badminton team is a key point for the school’s development. It performs quite well and is well-known in the Kinmen area. Players not only spend lots of time training on physical stamina and badminton skills but also emphasize the cultivation of morality every day. So students can achieve the goal of physical and mental health and keep exercise habits for life. Under the leadership of coach 謝世祥, teacher 林欣儀, coach張雲翔 and teacher 許寓涵, the school team has won so many medals in various championships events, singles (doubles) championships events in Kinmen.

Free as the airtable - table tennis team

The team was originally a club-level. In response to the expectations of the principal and parents, Over the years, coach翁崇彬, 張嘉芸, and 翁一帆 have come to the school for training and improved the technique. Besides the technical requirements, we also hope that all the young players can take care of the academic requirements. And through the teamplay to be responsible and be a team player. Through the competition, he can challenge himself, "ping" his own life. We also had excellent results In Kinmen’s event.

Shot with great precision - basketball team

Our team provides professional and systematic team-style training for children who love basketball. Under the guide of teacher吳益青, players' potential improves gradually and overcomes the obstacle of training together with the team spirit. And they finally feel the joy of success. Basketball can train children unity, the aggressive and relentless fighting spirit of sport. Basketball can make students be more positive about life and cultivate good exercise habits.

Overhead “GOLD” kick – soccer team

Our team training base on moving agility, It also helps improve body coordination. Under the guidance of a professional coach, we expect children can improve the technique of soccer and having a good character. Students who have participated in the soccer team can also give full play to their talents and shine in county competitions.