Reading is not a new issue, there is no doubt how important it is. Reading has been implemented in Taiwan for many years. However, its effectiveness has always been discussed. First of all, if reading becomes an activity of pretending, it is like a carnival. You can’t get anything from it. Therefore, we emphasize the two-track parallel of teaching reading courses and promoting reading activities. Secondly, with the rapid development of digital technology, readers need to have "digital reading literacy" besides traditional reading skills. Finally, in response to the literacy-oriented teaching subject of the 2019 Syllabus, we deeply feel that reading shouldn’t be just the text without life. Therefore, we promote the reading of local stories and literature, hoping that children will be able to taste local stories and temperatures and reinterpret local sounds and images.

1. Promote the philosophy of reading:
1-1. Two-track parallel of teaching reading course and promoting reading activities are important:

In the course of reading, motivation and fun have always been emphasized. After the satisfaction of emotional needs, there are methods and strategies to understand the feeling so students can emphasize or restructure the feeling. Thought the start of reading habit is based on personal choice. The continuous reading habit is based on methods and strategy. Reading should improve students' thinking, exploration ability, and future competitiveness that the students become life-long learners.

1-2. Digital Reading Literacy:

The development of digital technology has brought large-scale qualitative and quantitative changes to education. In the Internet generation, this change is an irreversible trend. Traditional reading is a one-way linear absorption of knowledge. Digital reading can interact with the content of reading. Readers can share their reading experience and discuss with others on the Internet. Not only that, digital readers can use photos and diagrams to help explain. Increase the depth and breadth of reading, and make readers have more views and feelings with multimedia and animation elements.

1-3. Localization subject Reading and teaching:

Kinmen is an island full of stories. People and events from different ages accumulate to become the weight of history. Reading is a part of life so it can’t be separated from life itself. Therefore, we have designed a series of localized themed reading courses, including the review of Jinmen’s native stories, festival-themed books, and art books. It covers various topics such as character, information, gender, topic research, local culture, environmental education to action learning, etc. "Reading" is the main purpose and method of promotion.

2. Implementation and planning of teaching reading
2-1. “瑄閱飄香” Reading course structure diagram
2-2. Regular reading activity