~Peng rises in the wind in one day, soaring for ninety thousand miles~

The 24 Season Drums club is one of the oldest clubs in our school. It was founded in 2004 by former principal Mr.劉海心. With the intention of “One person one club” and “once played music, a musician for life”, operating till this day. More than 200 performances have been performed. And it’s the first of the traditional drum clubs at elementary schools in the Kinmen area.

The 24 Season Drums club is the largest currently in Kaishen Elementary School. Any student from third grade to sixth grade who is interested in drums can participate. Besides the routine practice every Wednesday at 12:40 to 14:00. We also invite coach 林玉龍 and 林晏均 to guild every semester. Over the years, it has been trained with teachers 洪慧真 and 林彥. The current club instructors are teacher 洪沙姍, 黃湘涵, and 李佳容. In addition to attending training during group training, every teacher often has to go with the team for weekend performances, which can be extremely hard work.

In recent years, to enhance the level of performance, not only using traditional bass drums but also using flat drums, standing drums, toms, tweeters, etc. as the main instruments. We even add Percussion instruments such as marimba, vibrato glockenspiel, dulcimer, and chime to incorporate more percussion techniques and scale melody in the performance. It also opened another new page of traditional bass drums.

The melody that has been performed is The 24 Season Drums, The conversation between Big Drums and Snare Drums, Jingzhe, Thunder Roll, Lion Dance Drum, Wind Pendulum Willow, Wind Pendulum Willow Northwest Rain Edition, Wind Pendulum Willow General Order Edition, Jingzhe, Qionglin Drumming, Midsummer Mu Wind...and so on.

Many Kaishen people share common memories with the 24 Festival Drum Club. Do you still remember the interesting passwords such as "12345678, you want to call me dad every day"? I believe there are also a bunch of graduated senior sisters who have gained interesting nicknames because of the drum team.

Also, do you know who the most experienced members of this club are? It is the big drum that has experienced the sweat and tears with children in each session since 2004, so please treat them kindly with respect and reverence!

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